From Frazzled to Freedom

Are you embarrassed when friends show up unexpectedly on your doorstep? Do you regularly misplace important items like bills you need to pay or your car keys? Would you like to entertain more, if only you could keep your house cleaner and more presentable? Are you ready to stop making excuses and get yourself organized?
If so, then look no further. In this book, author Julie Starr Hook will take you on an encouraging journey from “frazzled” to “freedom,” helping you get organized room-by-room and teaching you how to maintain the organized life that currently eludes you.
You’ll discover:

  • How to identify the obstacles keeping you from a more organized life
  • How to begin the process of organizing both your day and your home
  • Helpful hints for organizing each room of your house: from your kitchen, to your bathrooms, bedrooms, and even your closets

Whether you’re just starting out in life, or downsizing after the kids have left home, or at any stage in between, this book can help you achieve your goal of a streamlined and simplified life. Read it, apply what you learn, and find the freedom you’ve been looking for!

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